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Making a Doggy Birthday Cake

So it goes without saying baking is not one of my skills!! My Dora was turning 14 and I thought I really wanted to make her a cake.

My wholesaler recently started selling these.

I really like the Innocent Hound brand and I regularly use and sell a lot of their flea repellent treats.

The instructions looked fairly easy even for me!! Just add two eggs and some water. They did suggest decorating it so I took to my shop shelves and found some toppings. I'm sure you will agree that a cake needs some icing.

I found the perfect product.

Then I decided you can't just have icing you need decorations. Well, what better than these Forthglade stars!!


So quick nip round the farm buildings to find some eggs and I was off!!

There are two lots of ingredients and they are packaged separately.

As soon as I had opened the packages, I had a lot of interest from the dogs as you could smell the ingredients. The ingredients are the quality I would expect from the Innocent Hound company.

I popped it all in the mixing bowl with the eggs and the water and mixed. It mixed really easily and I had it in the greased baking tin in minutes.

After 25 minutes in the oven and some time to cool it was time to decorate. The hardest part was finding somewhere to hide it to cool!!! The Dogs by now were very very interested!

The liver paste made and excellent topping. I used the whole tube and it spread really easily.

Some carrots and banana slices added some colour and I have a paw print stamp so it was obvious it was a dog cake!

Now I appreciate my presentation is not up to Bake Off standards but my dogs loved it. Here is the video to prove it.

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