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Meet Ginny

Ceilmear's Holly and Ivy

Ceilmear's Freedom to Victory x Bryonyhill Double Dutch

Where do I start! Ginny is the most intelligent, intuitive, funny nutcase I've ever known in a dog.

She has the most gentle nature, she knows when you need a hug ... Equally, she's as bonkers as the rest of 'em when she's out with her mates!

Her boyfriend is a beagle called Buddy, whom she totally adores and shows it by nagging him constantly and chasing him across the hills whilst simultaneously biting his ears!

She is incredibly patient and kind with children. Is very, very good with other dogs ... S

he knows who to avoid and shows excellent behaviour patterns when approaching other dogs. She is very good with adults (maybe not postmen)! She doesn't jump at them and is very calm.

Any faults?? ... She goes nuts at the Jackdaws on the roof when they hang over the guttering leering at her ... Also, she hates Timmy, next doors' cat!

Honestly, a well balanced, beautiful natured

, Playful intelligent girl. I couldn't ask for more. Plus she's also won a few rosettes at informal beardie shows in the past 🙂.

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