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Meet Murphy

Updated: May 15

There is no doubt this boy stood out at 4 weeks old. He ooozed attitude and showed his intelligence from an early age. It was so important that I found him a home where his mental and physical needs would be met.

If I didn't this Boy could end up being a nightmare for someone.

The Perfect couple came along for Murphy and have put incredible effort into Murphy's all round education. I am told he loves being groomed which you can tell by his immaculate coat and he is a joy to watch when being trained.

Murphy is growing into an awesome dog.

I am so proud of him.

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Ceilmear Forest Gump’ aka ‘Murphy’ aka ‘boy with an attitude’! ‘Murphy’ is now 9 1/2 months old and is a bundle of joy and energy. He is such a typical beardie loving people and dogs, wanting to play with all. He been with us since 9 weeks old. We started training with k9 Tac immediately, our first session being ‘grooming’. This has proved invaluable, as a result of this he loves being groomed and relaxes on the table making it an enjoyable time for both him and us. We try to do two training sessions with him each week, one in the field and the other by zoom. He loves these sessions, although sometimes performs with attitude, always having to have the last word! The zoom is especially important as, it teaches both of us what to do in a quiet and calm home environment with no distractions. We can then practise this through the week. We have also attended ‘recall’ and ‘adult meet and greet’ sessions. Murphy has come such a long way. I think had we not engaged in this training he would be a very different dog because as we expected, he needs to be kept busy with mental stimulation as well as physical. Even though we have previously owned two Bearded collies Madeline has always been there to offer help and advice. She is very knowledgeable and her training sessions are great, involving both dogs and owners throughout. We love our handsome, sassy boy. He makes us smile every day and we look forward to watching him develop.

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